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National Highway No.63 Improvement and Upgrading Project


Project name                 : National Highway No.63 Improvement and Upgrading Project

Project Owner               : Kien Giang Department of Transport

Funding source            : State budget

Project location            : Kien Giang Province, Vietnam

Description of the Project:

National Highway No.63 is widenned and upgraded to become one of the important road axis running in the North-South direction to link provinces in the focal economic regions in the Mekong River Delta Region and to synchronize the transport network in the region. The route will contribute to the socio-economic development and strengthenning the national defense of the Southwest Region of Vietnam in general and Kien Giang province in particular.

The Project has the starting point at Km21+250 at Thu Bay Town, An Bien District, Kien Giang Province and the ending point at Km 72+097 at Ranh Hat Culvert, the boundary between Kien Giang and Ca Mau Provinces. The total length of the route is 51.62 Km, of which 45.65 Km of the route running along the existing National Highway No.63 and 5.97Km of U Minh Thuong district centre bypass. The road is designed in accordance with the plain road of grade IV, embankment width of 9.0m, pavement width of 7.0m, except a section going through Vinh Thuan Town is designed in accordance with the plain road of grade III, embankment width of 12.0m, pavement width of 11.0m. 

Services provided by Hung Nghiep:

  • Topographical, geological and hydrological surveys
  • Traffic survey and traffic demand forecast
  • Road surface survey, construction material quarry survey
  • Basic design of road, bridges and culverts.
  • Design of soft soil treatment.
  • Traffic safety system design
  • Feasibility study report
  • Total investment cost.
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