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National Highway No.63 Improvement and Upgrading Project

The Project has the starting point at Km21+250 at Thu Bay Town, An Bien District, Kien Giang Province and the ending point at Km 72+097 at Ranh Hat Culvert, the boundary between Kien Giang and Ca Mau Provinces. The total length of the route is 51.62 Km, of which 45.65 Km of the route running along the existing National Highway No.63 and 5.97Km of U Minh Thuong district centre bypass. The road is designed in accordance with the plain road of grade IV, embankment width of 9.0m, pavement width of 7.0m, except a section going through Vinh Thuan Town is designed in accordance with the plain road of grade III, embankment width of 12.0m, pavement width of 11.0m. 

Tien Riverside Road Project

Tien Riverside Road runs along Tien River. The starting point of the Project intersects with the existing national highway No.30 at Dao Nam Bridge and the ending point connects with the provincial road 847. Total length of the road is 21.2km, embankment width of 45m, pavement width of 22m, plain road of grade III. The route includes 12 bridges (including 01 big bridge) and 34 horizontal culverts.

Ca Mau –Dam Doi Road Widening and Upgrading Project

Ca Mau – Dam Doi Road has total length of 22 km. The Project includes 09 bridges including Hoa Thanh Bridge, Ban Len Bridge, Chua Canal Bridge, Lat Canal Bridge, Hoa Trung Bridge, Lung Ve Bridge, Quang Bong Bridge, Ban Lo Xe Bridge, Sao Ditch Bridge and 03 box culverts. The road is 18m wide including two-meter median strip, sidewalks: 2x6m, design speed: 60km/h, urban road of grade II.

Provincial Road No. 849, section from PR848 to NH 54

The Project has a total length of 18.4 km, the starting point intersects with PR848 and the ending point intersects with NH54. The project is divided into three sections: Section from PR848 to the intersection with the access road to Cao Lanh Bridge; Section from the intersection between Cao Lanh Bridge and PR849 to NH80 and Section from NH80 to NH54. The project includes upgrading 04 bridges, new construction of 09 bridges and 14 culverts. The embankment width is 10m and pavement width is 7m, design speed is 60km / h.

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